About Us


The Grain Cafe has deeply rooted traditions and unique spices and flavors originated from the small heartfelt region of Oaxaca, Mexico. This area was inhabited by the local people whose ancestry taught them how to be farmers and cultivators of land, growing what they could organically and naturally. Food sources were limited and hindered by drought and isolation of the city’s mountain area. As well; harvesting was limited to the indigenous people which forced them to sustain their survival by trading and sharing of goods with the low land people the lived adjacent to the river in the valley. The trading between the mountain villagers and the sharing of crops with the people of the river produced ideal relationships with strong bonds as well of trust and love. Gardens in the yards of the village people produced naturally grown grains, vegetables and spices, which brewed mouthwatering kitchen aromas. With everything grown naturally and organic in a strong community where everyone is family, the knowledge of cooking and family recipes were shared. Through the combined efforts of techniques and food preparations thus the beginning were created.

Our heritage is who we are and it shows in what we do here at The Grain Cafe by providing natural, organic foods without animal based products, no preservatives, or fillers ever.! Our goal is to share our unique flavors and spices with you that have been cultivated by family traditions. We aim to please you with this combination every time you dine with us. We hope you enjoy your visit and will return soon!!

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