Tropical Crepe


Chocolate Crepe






Favorite Crepes 

The Grain Crepe    $8.95
Strawberry, mango, blackberry spread, spelt berry topped with whipped cream

Tropical Crepe    $10.95
Mango, strawberry, kiwi, blackberry, banana, chocolate syrup topped with whipped cream

Chocolate Crepe    $9.95
Chocolate mousse, strawberry, Chocolate syrup topped with cream

Pico Crepe    $9.95
Blackberry, Strawberry, blueberry, cherry spread topped with whipped cream

Crepe Plaza    $7.95
your choice of fruit preserves: choose 1
(a) Strawberry, (b) apple sauce, (c) mango, (d) blackberry spread

Savory Crepes

Served with your choice of mixed greens salad, or roasted potatoes sub fruits $2.00

Pollo Crepe    $10.95
chicken, mushroom, carrots topped with roasted garlic aioli.

Two Cheese Crepe    $10.95
Tofu eggs, tempeh bacon, daiya cheese, and fresh tomatoes, mozarella cheese

Veggie Crepe    $10.95
Spinach, mushroom, zucchini, red pepper in a roasted garlic sauce

Bon Apetit Crepe    $11.95
Tofu scramble egg, sour cream, vegan sausage and fresh tomatoes

Patty Crepe    $11.95
Avocado, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, pickles, spinach in our special sauce