Pineapple Smoothie


Berry and Green Veggies Smoothie








Pineapple Ginger lemonade    $3.95

Mint Lemonade    $3.95

Ice Tea    $3.75

Sparkling Water    $3.75

Natural Water    $3.50

Izze Soda    $3.95

Kombucha    $4.95

Horchata $3.95

Wellness Shot $3.95

All Organic Espresso



Agave Latte

Agave Latte

Caramel Latte

Caramel Latte

espresso shot

Espresso shoot

Mocha Latte

Mocha Latte

















Medium    Large

Caffe Latte    $4.00    $4.50
Espresso and a creamy almond milk

Caramel Latte    $4.50   $4.95
Espresso and a creamy almond milk with caramel syrup

Vanilla Latte    $4.50    $4.95
A sweet, creamy cafe latté

Agave Vanilla Latte    $4.95    $5.50
Organic vanilla, a touch of agave, espresso and steamed almond milk

Mocha Latte    $4.50    $4.95
Rich, hot cocoa poured over espresso

Mocha Mint    $4.95    $5.50
Mint flavor, whipped cream with mint chocolate shavings.

Americano    $3.50    $3.95

Capuccino    $3.50    $3.95
Espresso copped high with lots of foamy milk

Capuccino Italiano    $3.95    $4.50
Authentic italian cappuccino prepared by carefully folding thick creamy frothed milk into espresso

Moringa Latte   $4.95   $5.95

Chai Latte    $4.50    $4.95

House Cafecito    $2.95   $3.50

Hot Maca    $4.25    $4.95
Cacao, cinnamon, maca w/steam silk creamer

Espresso Single shot   $2.75
Double shot  $3.25

Ice Blended Smoothies/Shakes

Milk Shake    $7.50

Chocolate, vanilla, creamsicle. ask server for more flavor.

Vega Sports (Vanilla or Berry)    $7.95
Banana, scoop of powder almond milk, orange juice.

Ice Blended Maca    $8.50
Cacao , maca, coconut milk, coconut vanilla ice cream.

Green Energy    $7.95
Kale, spinach, apple, yerba mate, dates

Mango Smoothie    $8.95
Mango, banana, golden berry, goji berry, orange juice, dates

Berry Antioxidant    $8.95
Strawberry. blackberry, banana, goji berry, golden berry, pomegranate juice, dates

Green Veggies    $8.95
Kale, spinach, cucumber, ginger, avocado, date, parsley

Sunbutter     $8.95
Cacoa nibs, banana, almond milk, raw maca, sunbutter, dates

Add-Ons      $2.00
Spirula, maca, protein powder, boba

Acai berry powder or raw protien powder $3.00


Small $3.50  Large $4.50  *=decaf

Berry Patch *

Chamomile *

Chai Masala


Earl Grey

English Breakfast *

Hibiscus *

Moroccan Mint

Temple of Heaven Gunpowder

Yerba Mate

Passion Fruit Peach *